Please join us Thursday, Sept. 19th as we host a kickoff meeting for the CoDESS center! Prof. Lara Dolecek and Prof. Rick Wesel will be speaking about the CoDESS project and the LORIS and CSL research labs. Prof. Dariush Divsalar (JPL) will be headlining our research talks. We will also present several student research talks and mini-presentations. The event will be held on Sept. 19th at UCLA Engineering IV (Tesla Room) between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm. Spots are limited, so please register today! 
Update Sept. 13th - Registration is now closed. 
For further inquiries, please contact Prof. Lara Dolecek at dolecek@ee.ucla.edu

Time: Thursday, Sept. 19th, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Place: Engineering IV (Tesla Room)
Contact: Prof. Lara Dolecek, 


Morning Session

10:00 - 10:25 am         Prof. Lara Dolecek: welcoming remarks and overview of LORIS research

10:25 - 10:40 am         Q&A session

10:40 - 11:05 am         Prof. Rick Wesel overview of CSL research

11:05 - 11:20 am         Q&A session

11:20 - 11:45 am         Prof. Dariush Divsalar research talk: "Non-binary Protograph-based LDPC Codes for Storage Systems"

11:45 - 12.00 pm         Q&A session

12:00 - 1:00 pm           Lunch and discussion

Afternoon session I: Information theory and LDPC codes for non-volatile memories

1:00 - 1:25 pm              Kasra Vakilinia, PhD candidate, "Enhanced Precision Through Multiple Reads for LDPC Coding in Flash Memories

1:25 - 1:40 pm              Adam Williamson, PhD candidate, "Dynamic Voltage Allocation Based on Mutual Information For NAND Flash Memory" 

1.40 - 1:55 pm              Behzad Amiri, PhD candidate, "Binary and Non-Binary LDPC Codes with Applications in Data Storage Systems

5 minute break

Afternoon session II:  Data representation and implementation issues in multi-level storage systems

2:00 - 2:25 pm            Fred Sala, PhD candidate, "Dynamic Threshold Schemes for Multi-Level Non-Volatile Memories"

2:25 - 2:40 pm            Yuta Toriyama, PhD candidate, "Hardware Implementation Analysis of Non-Binary LDPC Decoders"

2:40 - 2:55 pm            Sudarsan Srinivasan Ranganathan, MS candidate, "Combining Modern Codes and Set-Partitioning for Multilevel Storage Systems"

5 minute break

Afternoon session III: Advanced topics in reliable storage and information processing

3:00 - 3:25 pm             Ryan Gabrys, PhD candidate, "Correcting Grain Errors in Magnetic Media"

3:25 - 3:40 pm             Nicolas Bitouze, postdoctoral researcher, "File Synchronization from Insertions and Deletions"

3:40 - 3.55 pm             Sean Huang, PhD candidate, "Iterative Decoders on Noisy Hardware"

5 minute break

4:00 - 4:30 pm             Closing remarks