About CoDESS

UCLA Center on Development of Emerging Storage Systems (CoDESS) is a vibrant research group formed by around dozen post-doctoral researchers, visitors, and graduate and undergraduate students working on cutting-edge problems in modern data storage and data processing systems. Our team has sustained strong publication record in leading international conferences and journals. CoDESS is engaged in several collaborations with fellow UCLA faculty members and colleagues at other leading academic institutions and has received diverse funding support from federal and state agencies as well as preeminent storage industry.

Our Mission:
  •  Pushing the frontiers in emerging data storage systems through integrated research program
  •  Creating highly-trained workforce of graduate students and post- doctoral researchers
Project Overview:

Non-volatile memories, such as Flash, EEPROM, and PCM have become the most important and promising data storage technologies available today. They feature extremely fast speeds, increased reliability due to lack of moving parts, and low power consumption. Increasing the capacity and robustness of these devices is a critical need.

However, increasing the capacity of modern storage systems presents us with new problems. Higher-density devices have shorter lifespans,  decreasing reliability with time and writes, and higher error probabilities due to physical effects. These issues require novel approaches. In particular, coding and information theory contain key ideas applicable to such problems. Our goal is to creatively apply coding tools to increase performance and reliability of modern storage systems.

Exciting Times for Data Storage Systems 

In the midst of data revolution, peta bytes of data being generated every hour, data deluge has placed an unprecedented demand on storage systems to be ultra-reliable, affordable and resource-efficient. Thus, we see an excellent opportunity to innovate: from new devices...to large scale information systems .