UCLA Center on Development of Emerging Storage Systems (CoDESS)

CoDESS Kickoff Meeting:

Update Sept 25th - The CoDESS kickoff meeting was a great success! Read more about our center and the kickoff meeting in this UCLA SEAS news article. For more details about the kickoff meeting, including a link to our talks and presentations, please click here
Please join us Thursday, Sept. 19th as we host a kickoff meeting for the CoDESS center! Prof. Lara Dolecek and Prof. Rick Wesel will be speaking about the CoDESS project and the LORIS and CSL research labs. Dariush Divsalar (JPL) will be headlining our research talks. We will also present several student research talks and mini-presentations. The event will be held on Sept. 19th at UCLA Engineering IV (Tesla Room) between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm. 
More information and the agenda for the meeting can be found here. 

Project Overview:

Non-volatile memories, such as Flash, EEPROM, and PCM have become the most important and promising data storage technologies available today. They feature extremely fast speeds, increased reliability due to lack of moving parts, and low power consumption. Increasing the capacity and robustness of these devices is a critical need.

However, increasing the capacity of modern storage systems presents us with new problems. Higher-density devices have shorter lifespans,  decreasing reliability with time and writes, and higher error probabilities due to physical effects. These issues require novel approaches. In particular, coding and information theory contain key ideas applicable to such problems. It is the goal of CoDESS (Center on Development of Emerging Storage System) group to creatively apply coding tools to increase performance and reliability of modern storage systems.

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